Who We Are

Healthy Cow is a new and exciting pizza brand. We want to combine America’s traditional love of great pizza with healthy options to meet all of our customers’ specific preferences. We feature more than 70 ingredients to choose from. There is literally millions of possible pizza, salad, pasta, or oven baked sandwich combinations that will satisfy anyone’s preferences. Whether you want a traditional pizza, gourmet pizza, vegan pizza, gluten free pizza, or healthy pizza, you create it and Healthy Cow Pizza will make it!

We are also proud to offer our “Create your own” Pizza, pasta, oven baked sandwich, or salad. Just browse our numerous ingredients & tell us what you want on it! How about a pizza with tomatoes instead of sauce, fresh sliced Mozzarella, Fresh basil before bake, fresh spinach, & after bake add a drizzle of white wine sauce and fresh cilantro, yum!

Did I say before and after bake? Yes I did! At Healthy Cow Pizza you can literally be chef; we will be your souse chef & execute your instructions to the finite detail. We can even help with suggestions on what pairs well together, like shrimp & white wine sauce, or light agave nectar & sliced pears! Add a little crunch and texture to your vegetarian pizza by adding walnuts or pecans. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your own masterpiece at Healthy Cow Pizza.

At Healthy Cow Pizza we only use the healthiest and freshest ingredients. We also use natural and organic whenever possible. We have a firm belief that pizza can still be delivered fast, without sacrificing quality and nutrition. We believe in using fresh and healthy ingredients, cooking quality pizza, and providing unmatched customer service. Whether you order carryout or delivery, we guarantee fast and excellent service. The community and customers are our top priority. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed or we will make it right, every time.

Healthy Cow Pizza
3005 West Loop South
Houston, TX 77027